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Marketing Blueprint

We don’t want to waste your money by directing visitors to a site that isn’t able to effectively capture leads. As part of the Marketing Blueprint, we’ll assess your current website: Is it consistently capturing leads? Does it demonstrate your differentiation in the market? Does it offer an organized and appealing experience for the user? How is its search performance?

If it checks all the boxes, we may not need to rebuild it. If we do, you’ll have ample opportunity to direct its design and make it a reflection of your brand and your personal tastes. The most important thing is that optimized for an inbound marketing strategy before we launch your marketing campaigns.


Running and optimizing an advertising campaign is a job on its own. As much as I know about SEO and SEA, I am no ads specialist.

If running ads proves to be relevant to our inbound marketing strategy, I will recommend agencies or ad specialists who have several certifications including Facebook Blueprint, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, and LinkedIn advertising.

As your marketing leader, I will be keeping an eye on the campaign reports to ensure they are performing and are aligned with our overall inbound marketing strategy and stay within our budget.

Marketing Campaigns