Is the Marketing Blueprint just another generic proposal?

Not at all, but your skepticism is reasonable.

You’ve probably encountered some sort of “marketing plan” or “roadmap” before. Maybe it was an automated report that didn’t provide any real value. Or perhaps you’ve received a proposal full of pages showing how great an agency is, to convince you to sign a 1-2 year contract.

My Marketing Blueprint isn’t a proposal, it isn’t an automated report, and it isn’t generic. Rather than pitching you services, the purpose of the Marketing Blueprint is to provide you with value from day one. It’s a marketing analysis, strategy, and plan that we’ll develop together to help you reach your goals. It will dive deep into your business, your company, your clients, your competitors, your online presence, your current gaps, and how we should address them.

Each week we’ll speak together about a specific topic, refine your strategy, and I’ll provide you with deliverables that you’ll benefit from, even if you don’t choose to hire me on an ongoing basis. The Blueprint will be unique to your business because we will create it through research and consultation.

Any other questions?