Can I move from one engagement tier to another easily ?

Yes, absolutely! I would even say that you are meant to move across tiers over time.

At the start of the relationship, as your marketing leader, my main objective will be to build your marketing system and organization from the inside. That means developing the strategy, recruiting resources (internal or external), bringing everyone up to speed, and leading them in executing our strategy. This will be a very work-intensive step that will require me to dedicate almost half of my time to your account.

As systems and people are in place, I will downgrade to more of a coaching role and make sure we don’t deviate from our strategy by keep delivering effective and highly targeted campaigns.

As new and permanent marketing leadership comes on board (new full-time marketing director or CMO role), I can be there as your trusted marketing advisor to provide feedback and advice so you and your marketing team stay headed in the right direction.

Each level of engagement comes at a specific monthly rate and when the time comes, we will discuss together if it makes sense to downgrade from one tier to another.

Any other questions?