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Case Study


DTS FIBER is a new internet service provider (ISP) in Nevada, USA. Launching in Summer 2022, they provide high-speed internet access — through their own fiber optic network — to homes and businesses. Their parent company is an established managed IT services provider, and this new ISP venture will allow them to add optical fiber infrastructure to their offerings.


As a new venture, DTS FIBER started from a blank sheet. They needed to define their corporate identity, branding, marketing strategy, and online presence. For this, they hired one of our fractional CMOs through the Growth Connect network.


For the DTS FIBER project, we witnessed the birth of a new regional ISP. We started with the fundamentals: defining their target customers and developing their brand messaging. Simultaneously, we analyzed the competitive landscape of national and regional ISPs to understand the SEO challenges and opportunities. Based on our team’s research and multiple 1:1 discussions with DTS FIBER, we created a comprehensive strategic marketing blueprint with a roadmap for their go-to-market plans. We then helped them with their brand identity and logo to create a strong and recognizable image. Finally, we designed and developed their new website, building on the findings and recommendations of the strategic marketing blueprint.


DTS FIBER is now well equipped with a strategic marketing plan for years to come. As a platform for executing this marketing plan, they have a new SEO-optimized website with content that appeals directly to their target audience. Our branding exercises gave DTS FIBER a fresh and modern brand identity that they can relay online and offline during their promotional campaigns. They are now ready and well positioned to implement their marketing campaigns and tactics.

Services we provided

SEO Campaigns We identify low competition keywords that the client can rank for and build relevant links on third-party websites that point back to their site. This process increases their site's authority and credibility, resulting in improved search rankings and traffic.
Web Development The new site is built with industry best practices and code optimized for fast load times. All pages are cross browser and device tested.
Web Design Wireframes and mockups that the client approves along the way ensure the design is effective and visually appealing to their target audience.
Copywriting Our native-English copywriters use the client’s Blueprint to create appealing messaging and clear calls to action.
SEO Analysis We deliver a report that reveals gaps and opportunities in the client’s SEO strategy, and helps them publish content their customers are really searching for.
Customer Narrative We work with the client to clarify their brand voice and make their website and marketing materials appealing to their ideal prospects.
Competitor Analysis We investigate the client’s rivals’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to identify opportunities for the client to stand apart.
Buyer Personas Using the client’s current customer data, we create profiles of ideal prospects so we know who to target and who not to target.
Marketing Strategy Direct communication with a dedicated Growth Manager, a marketing expert who is backed by a team of writers, designers, and developers. They research the business and plan unique campaigns.

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